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Sushi Boat System

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Build a Sushi Boat System in your restaurant.

We supply;

  1. Sushi boats :
    Dimension : 17" L x 9" W x 3" D
    Material : Fiberglass hull with wooden deck
    Color : Any single color
    Chain shackle and fore and aft eyes included

    sushi boat
    Fit for two of 6" plates
    sushi boat
  2. Waterway :
    Include all of drawings, lining materials, 2 pumps, hoses,nozzles and clamps
  3. 5 or more different colored plates, clear lid and paper dish
    sushi boat plate

We built the first Sushi Boat Restaurant in 2004 in Belle River, Ontario Canada
sushi boat restaurant

And opened the second Sushi Boat Restaurant in 2008 in Windsor, Ontario Canada
sushi boat restaurant

And opened the third Sushi Boat Restaurant in 2009 in Amherstburg, Ontario Canada
rotating sushi boat

If you have any question, please email us at quicksushi@hotmail.com attention Jason Kim