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  • November 2004
    - 1st Quick Sushi Open in Belle River, Ontario
    - Take-out only
  • Feburary 2006
    - Rotating boat system Open in Belle River
  • January 2008
    - Windsor Quick Sushi Open
  • April 2008
    - Windsor QS renovation
  • Nov. 2008
    - Belle River QS temporary closed (Renovating and Reopening in Jan. 20, 2008)
    - Opening Buffet, All-U-Can-Eat in Windsor QS on Sunday
    - Extend business hours in Windsor
  • Nov. 25 2008
    - Contract the 3rd Quick Sushi Restaurant in Amherstburg
    - Opening in May 2009
  • Nov. 26 2008
    - Quick Sushi Academy
    open(Click for detail)
  • Launching Quick Sushi America Ltd. on Feb. 25th 2009
  • Teaching Sushi at St. Clair college by Sookhee Kim
  • Re-open Belle River QS on April 23rd 2009
  • Launched Quick Sushi Island on May 13th 2009
  • Opening Amherstburg on June 4th, Thursday 2009
  • Obtained Liquor License on Aug. 29, 2011
  • Opening Sushi Boat system shop www.SushiBoatFactory.com on Sept. 2013

Like most immigrants, I, Jeongsoo(Jason) Kim, immigrated to Canada with hopes and dreams in 1996 at the age of 41. I started work in the marine industry as I did in South Korea since my graduation from Maritime University located on an island (as shown in the picture above, major of Navigating engineer.). I was in the navy, navigator, boat dealer and manufacturer designing a multi-use boat which converted into a car top box in Richmond, BC.

In 1975, we visited the traditional village in Hawaii, US on the training ship. (I am in the middle)

I moved to Windsor, ON, for sales with Michigan and my business seemed to do well until the September 11 incident. In 2003, I closed my business due to the hardship that my family and I were going through. After the closing of my business, I decided to start a business where I didn't have to seek for customers but to start something of what customers wanted.
After many conversations with my wife, we decided to open a restaurant. Since sushi was a normal lunch item throughout our lives, it wasn't necessary for us to learn how to make it, and instead, we developed a more professional look and taste beyond the standardized sushi ingredient.

We began our first sushi take-out restaurant in Belle River, January 2005 with a low income. All my 3 talented children, my wife, and I put our every effort to each customer which at that time was only a few people a day! However, little by little, the restaurant started to grow and in no time, I was expanding the space adjacent and a year later, I opened a dine-in with 25 seats around the rotating boat system that embodies my concept and style. It was a success from the beginning with our sales average drastically increasing in the small town of Belle River.

To maintain a strong position within the sushi market, I introduced the rotating sushi boat system as well as launching an online ordering system in 2006. Our success led us to the opening of Windsor's Quick Sushi in January 2008 with the " L " type waterway instead of the " O " type. The result of having this system and online ordering makes it possible for this restaurant to be operated with only 2 or 3 people.

js kim

Our goal for Quick Sushi is not simply becoming a leader in the healthy fast food and casual dining restaurant but to have a part in the fine-dining segment as well. My future plan is to franchise Quick Sushi across Canada and US, then all over the world.

My Motto: Customer Satisfaction!
1. Satisfy the customer by providing high-quality sushi and seafood
2. Satisfy the customer by distributing healthy food.
3. Satisfy the customer by delivering prompt and professional service
4. Satisfy the customer by offering choices in our vast menu selection
5. Satisfy the customer by presenting reasonable prices
6. Satisfy the customer by having a clean restaurant
7. Satisfy the customer by showing a boating romance
8. Satisfy the customer by creating an easy take-out system i.e. online ordering & Drive-thru pickup

Key of Quick Sushi's Success

I can list many key reasons to Quick Sushi's success but the most important is due to my employees and my family. I have been extremely blessed for having a solid, united family.

My wife, my two daughters, my son, and I are the employees, employers, and owners. My wife, Sookhee Kim, who was teaching physical education in Dongduck University in S.Korea, is now master chef. She taught all my children how to make sushi professionally. Especially my first daughter Eileen who is currently studying science at Western University to become a doctor upgraded our sushi after her one year experience at a famous sushi restaurant in Vancouver, BC in 2006.

My second daughter Janet and my son David are awesome chefs. Janet is studying sociology and criminology in U of Windsor and David is Grad 12 in Vicent Messy High and will go to RMC (Royal Military College).

I am in charge of the infra-structure, i.e. building/maintenance/internet, and deep frying Tempra, one more important job-dish washing.
Restaurant is a people business and in order to satisfy the customers, a solid team is needed, which I am blessed to have.

Customers experience the oriental ambience of Japanese Sushi, Korean Posukjong (artificial waterway) and Chinese Dimsum all in one visit to Quick Sushi.

Have a great day and hope to see you soon.

Thank you.

Jason Kim / Feb. 22. 2008